Bobby Flay Steak Review (Atlantic City, NJ)

I go to Atlantic City, NJ about once a month, once every two months. My guests and I always make sure we don’t leave until we eat at Bobby Flay Steak.

Bobby Flay Steak is located in the Borgata Hotel & Casino, one of the nicer hotels in Atlantic City. When you walk in, you immediately notice the interesting design of the restaurant interior. The interior incorporates abstract cuts of long wood pieces  along the ceiling and walls with chic black and dark color accents. The staff are always friendly and actually do know what they are talking about. Feel free to ask them about a particular cut of steak, any of the wines, or whatever else. Steaks range from $32 to $85 (for the Kobe Steak). Most appetizers are under $20.

The menu is small but excellent, offering steakhouse style appetizers, such as a Roasted Tomato and Fried Onion Salad topped with Buttermilk Dressing and Blue cheese, Lobster Bar Appetizer, such as the Crispy Squid and Lobster Salad with Hot Oil Dressing, Steaks, and finally Non-Steak Entrees. I have tried the FIlet Mignon, the Hanger, the Bone-in Ribeye, and New York Strip, but I always come back for the regular Ribeye Steak. All steaks get Bobby Flay’s signature spice rub and are then char broiled to perfection. The ribeye in particular has an aged flavor which is very intense and delicious. While all the steaks are at least 12oz, the ribeye is about 16oz, a very generous portion. Furthermore all steaks are served a la carte. There are several sides to choose from including roasted asparagus, mashed potato with truffle oil, creamed spinach, sweet potatoes, french fries, etc. So far the only side that is worth coming back for is the mashed potatoes with truffle oil. The creamed spinach is nothing special, neither are the asparagus.

Additionally, the wine list is very extensive and is prepared by a sommelier every few months. Wine’s range in price from $29 to $40,000. No, all those ‘zeros’ are not a misprint.

All in all Bobby Flay Steak is definitely worth going to, in fact I highly recommend it. The steaks are excellent, the wine selection is phenomenal, the appetizers are creative, and who knows, maybe you will run into Mr. Flay himself when you are there.



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