Restaurant Review – A La Turca (Hollywood, FL)

On a recent trip to Florida I discovered an authentic Turkish restaurant, which raises the bar for Mediterranean food. Located on a picturesque strip in Hollywood, Florida, A La Turca offers some of the best Mediterranean food I have ever had.

The menu is small, the décor conservative, allowing the food to really shine. The prices are very affordable, appealing to all budgets. We started off with a traditional Turkish appetizer of broiled eggplant with spicy ground beef. The robust flavors of the beef with the moist eggplant were perfect; in fact, if this were a larger portion I would have ordered it as my entrée. We also ordered an octopus salad, which was good but not the highlight of the meal. The octopus was prepared well but was a bit lost amongst the pickle and all the onion. Upon the owner’s recommendation we ordered the ‘Doner’ gyro, a homemade kebab of lamb, beef and spices. Hands down the best gyro I have ever eaten. The meat was well seasoned and flavorful, pairing well with the expertly rolled lafa style pita.

We finished our meal with a kanafeh, a traditional Mediterranean dessert incorporating pastry, sweet gooey cheese and a honey glaze over top. The kanafeh was quite possibly the highlight of the meal. Might I add I don’t usually like anything sweet.

All in all, A La Turca stands out in an area packed with other restaurants. The food was fresh, authentic, and just simply delicious. The staff was incredibly friendly and made good suggestions about the menu. I will definitely make the trip to A La Turca the next time I am in Florida.


One comment on “Restaurant Review – A La Turca (Hollywood, FL)

  1. Dear Niran,
    We like your descriptions and appreciate your taste.
    We’re keeping your recommendations for our next visit.
    Specially th Turkish one seems to be outstanding.
    Thanks for sharing with us your experiences. Just keep goin’.

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