Restaurant Review – Yuca (South Beach, FL)

Yuca, a modern Cuban fusion restaurant nestled in the heart of South Beach, is sure to dazzle all culinary senses. Amongst the hundreds of restaurants boasting Latin style food in south beach, Yuca is amongst the elite. Offering authentic Cuban dishes with modern interpretations and south beach flare.

The restaurant’s atmosphere and décor is very inviting, drawing influences from Latin America as well as Miami chic. I was with a large party so I had an opportunity to sample a variety of dishes. I ordered the churrasco, a Cuban rendering of skirt steak, marinated and grilled, then topped with garlic mash, and a jalapeno chimmicurri. Steak was cooked to absolute perfection, also being perfectly complimented by both the sauce and chimicurri. Quite possibly the best dish at the table was Cuban style bone-in pork. The pork literally fell off the bone and had the most incredible smoky/grilled taste. The pork was served with fufu, a classic Cuban preparation of mashed plantains. The fufu was very hit or miss, I personally didn’t care for it but some people at the table did.

Aside from the Cuban style entrees, there are also tapa appetizer’s including the most amazing melt in your mouth Calamari, as well as Ropa Vieja (pull-apart braised beef). Prices for the tapas are about $13 a plate, while the entrees ranged from $21-32. Portions are generous and you are guaranteed to not leave hungry.

Yuca boasts a full bar, specializing in Cuban drinks such as the mojito. Additionally, the wait staff is top notch and really makes the overall dining experience a pleasure. All in all I was extremely please with Yuca, my next trip to Miami will not be complete without a trip back to Yuca for some Cuban food indulgence.


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